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Selling a house can be quite a task considering homes are our biggest assets. Finding the right buyer and having your home sold without taking you through a series of repair expenses has always been a challenge. However, you do not need a Ph.D. in marketing to have your house sold quite easily without any expense on your side. Simply consider some of these 12 tips to sell your house as it is.


1. Avoid clutter

Many people sell their houses when they feel they have outgrown them. This means that you have so much stuff that you can’t find space for them in the house. However, a cluttered house will put off your potential house buyers. You need to clear up your stuff and find where to put them. You could use the storage room.


2. Keep it warm

When staging your house and it is a chilly morning, why not light up a fire to keep the house warm? This will make your house and the home welcoming to the potential buyer! Warmth is a sign of life, and no buyer wants a house devoid of that life.


3. Clean it up

Buyers get more drawn to a spotlessly clean house with no traces of dirt. Scrub your tiles and walls until they sparkle. You can even wax wooden floors if possible and display clean towels in the bathroom. Buyers need to imagine living in this home, give them that appealing look.


4. Spruce up the garden

If your house has a garden around it, make sure to cut the grass and clear any small bushes around. Pick and dispose of any dirt, papers and plastic around the garden. This may not add value to your house, but the potential buyers need to imagine themselves using this garden when they buy your house. Even the garden in the backyard of the house needs the same attention, keep it trimmed.


5. The half empty closet secret

Many people always want to a house that has enough of storage space. When a potential buyer is viewing your house, they tend to peep into your closets to see how much storage you have. Make sure to empty your closets to half and keep away the other garments. A tidy half empty closet will give the buyer an impression of enough storage in your house, and you are likely to close the deal with them.


6. Get the correct smells

Odors can be a put off for most people. A tip to help you sell your house as it is to get the right smell for it when staging up it for viewing. Clear any smelly drains around the house, get rid of cooking smell in the kitchen and open windows for fresh air to encompass your house. A good smell is welcoming.


7. Depersonalize the house

When your house appears very personalized with items, the potential buyers may not be drawn into buying it. Get rid of half of your personal stuff like family photos and memory collections. You can place them in the storage. This allows the potential buyer to imagine they are living in this house.


8. Give the kitchen serious attention

Remodel your home

In most cases it is said that the kitchen is the heartbeat of a house. So when you sell a house, you are essentially really selling the kitchen. Take away any bulky looking appliances from the kitchen, clear clutter from the surfaces and display just a simple fruit bowl. You can also consider re-facing your kitchen cabinets without having to replace them.


9. Make it look airy and light

Clean the windows both outside and inside. Draw all the curtains skillfully allowing light wind to blow through the windows. Ensure all the light bulbs are working well and place lamps in all dark corners. A soft bathroom lamp will enhance the glow.


10. First impression

A first impression is all it takes to seal a deal. To increase the chances of a potential buyer considering your house, keep the front door entrance neat and attractive. You can place a ‘welcome home’ mat at the entrance and position potted flora on each side of the door.


11. Price it right

The secret to getting many bids from buyers lies here; Determine the exact value of your home and price it slightly below. You can chop off 15%. This strategy may not appeal to most sellers, but it’s the best secret, especially in a competitive market and the urgent need to sell.


12. Make a lovely video about your home
Record yourself walking around the home as you show potential buyers your family loves in your house. You can then post the video on online platforms like YouTube. Let the buyers visualize living in that house even before they view it.

As much as you may have to put so much money into upgrading a house for sell, it may not really be necessary if you use any of these tips to the house as it is. You just need to know where to touch and how to make it appealing to the buyer as illustrated. However, if you feel that you are not up to doing all these things to spruce up your house, you might just consider selling it to one of those companies that buy houses. You know, especially the home buyers that claim “We buy houses for cash” and that We buy any homes“.



fixing up your house

lead hazard

Exposure to lead should be a serious concern to anyone looking for a place to live. When lead enters the body, it can cause damage to the nervous system and brain. Although this can cause problems in adults when exposure levels are too high, the most serious risks are to children whose bodies are still developing. Children exposed to lead can have lower IQs and behavior, speech and hearing problems. Pregnant women should also be aware of the heightened risks their unborn children face and avoid any exposure to lead.


lead paint chips

Why should home buyers or renters be especially concerned about lead? Many older homes contain lead paint. In 1978, legislation stopped the sale of paints with lead in them, but any homes built before that time could have lead paint. When the paint flakes or is rubbed off, fine dust is created that can be breathed in or ingested. Again, small children are at the greatest risk because of their tendency to put things that have been on the floor in their mouths.


The good news for people looking for a place to live is that in the United States, lead paint must be disclosed. Real estate agents, sellers and landlords must all provide any prospective seller, buyer or tenant with a pamphlet entitled ‘Protect your family from lead in your home’, which is available online at the Environmental Protection Agency’s website.

Realtors must explain to their clients their obligation to disclose the presence of lead paint. The seller’s obligation is to disclose to the buyer any information they know about the presence of lead paint in the home. Landlords must also tell prospective tenants any known information about lead in the building. In multiple-unit buildings, they must also provide information about lead paint in common areas and whether there has ever been lead paint in another unit if it was discovered during an inspection of the entire building. Real estate agents should be careful to ensure that their clients understand and fulfill their obligations, as the agent could be held liable if the seller withholds this information.


Real estate agents and home sellers must give buyers a 10-day window to have the home inspected for lead paint or other lead hazards. Buyers may choose not to have the inspection done, but the seller must provide the opportunity. Some home inspectors are certified to provide lead inspection to put buyers’ minds at ease.

When contracts are drawn up, realtors must ensure their contracts include a ‘Lead Warning Statement’ (available from the EPA) and that the contract confirms that the agent has notified all parties of their duties and provided buyers with all pertinent information. Sellers and landlords must also include the ‘Lead warning statement’ in their contracts to sell or rent.

old paint can

Because lead exposure can be so harmful when it occurs in the home, it is important for buyers and renters to be aware of their situation before they move into a home. Sellers, landlords and real estate agents are all responsible for protecting the health of the people who will be moving in and are required to disclose anything they know about the presence of lead paint. They must also provide time for proper inspections to occur. The Environmental Protection Agency has all the necessary documents available for free on its website, including a sample Seller’s Disclosure form.